. . . brings joy to my soul

Praying Psalm 23

Lynna's Wonderful Life

Lord, You are MY Shepherd.

I have every single thing I need, and plenty besides!

You allow me to rest in peaceful places. You gently lead me into thick grassy meadows. I lean on You and rest in Your care.

You renew my strength when I have nothing left. When cancer and sickness sap every ounce of energy I have, YOU dear God are the lifter of my head.

You guide me along right paths bringing honor to Your Name. Yes Lord! Make it so!

Even when I walk through the darkest valley…

Like when we lost our first grandson before he took a breath; when sickness took hold of our frail bodies; when we lost our ‘forever home’ and the security of our jobs, I admit… I’ve been really afraid at times.

But You dear God, YOU are faithful. You are close beside me! I know You are with…

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